There's a reason the dress is known as "The Dress". It's practically a living, breathing entity. It requires special care, both before and after your wedding. These tips will help ensure that it stays clean, dry and protected.

Garment Bag

All of our dresses come with a complimentary garment bag. Our tough garment bag will protect your dress as it hangs in your closet, and will make the dress easily transportable for the big day. Bear in mind that these bags aren't designed for long-term storage.

Preservation Kit

Even after your wedding, you'll no doubt want to keep it in pristine condition - after all, a preserved dress will help you cherish the memories for years to come! To properly preserve your gown, take it to a local dry-cleaning shop that offers specialized wedding dress preservation services; normal dry-cleaning won't do. Their experts should be able to clean and press your dress.

If you would prefer not to buy or use the garment box from the dry cleaners, you can have them package your gown back into the SimplyBridal box it was delivered in. Your gown will be in a perfect, lasting condition, just waiting to be showcased on your golden anniversary. Pack it in a box with tissue paper.